Frequently Asked Questions

It is normal to observe mild or moderate pain in the first 3-4 hours after laparoscopic surgery. However, pain is minimal in laparoscopic procedures.
In patients who eat healthy and do regular exercises after the surgery, 65-80% weight loss can be achieved within 1 year after the surgery.
Gastric sleeve gastrectomy surgery is a restrictive surgery in terms of removing approximately 80% of the stomach and thus providing an earlier feeling of fullness. The part removed from the stomach is the part that produces the hormone Ghrelin, which triggers hunger. Removal of this part reduces the level of the hormone Ghrelin in the blood, thereby suppressing appetite.
We recommend resting at home for an average of 10 days after the surgery. You can start desk work after approximately 7 days. You can start work that requires physical activity after 30 days.
After an average of 3-4 weeks, you can swim in the sea or pool.